Office Upgrade: 10 Supplies for the Discerning Worker

When it comes to office supplies, there are two types of people: you're either into stealing ballpoint pens and fluorescent-yellow lined notepads from the communal office supply closet, or you care enough to bring your own luxe wares from home. Right now we're appealing to the first group to get with it and get in the latter camp. There's a whole world of awesome beauty out there in the office supply world, namely pens that will make your handwriting sing and frolic on the page, notebooks which will make you feel like a high-powered fashion editor and even sticky notes intended to lend a touch of nature (yes you read that right) to whatever little reminders you need to set for yourself. This is a plea to go analog (and pretty), because the rewards are utterly worthwhile. But if you need a little more cajoling, think of the look on your coworkers' faces as you pull out a fancy-but-inexpensive fountain pen to sign a contract. Stunned eyes, pleas of sourcing information. That is your future.