Summer Essential: Crop Tops

Backyard BBQs, lazy lounges by the pool, pavement pounding adventures around the city, and day trips to the beach are all on our summer to-do lists. The only thing we have to worry about is looking all hot and sweaty.

New York City has already turned into an oven, and it looks like everywhere else is soon to follow. So how do we stay cool without sacrificing our chic factor, or verging towards the edge of indecency?

Ventilation is the answer, and it comes in the form of billowy, spacious, skin baring blouses.

Cooping your body up in tight clothing when a heat wave strikes is the worst idea ever (sweat stains are not cool). Leave room to breathe and catch a breeze with slouchy, loose fit crop tops.

Whether you favor a button-front style, a modest crew neck, or a sleeveless tank with large armholes, baring a bit of tummy is the easiest way to ease discomfort caused by the summer’s outrageously high temperatures.

Luckily for us, there are an endless amount of options to choose from when it comes to these little tops. And they are so easy to style in numerous ways, with just a switch of bottoms. Wear them with denim shorts, roomy trousers, and printed mini skirts. Loose fit crop tops are your best bet when it comes to making your summer a cool one, both literally and figuratively.

1. Charlotte Ronson Crop Top from – $87.50

2. Eden Crop Tank from Nastygal – $34.00

3. Bold Stripe Sweater Top from Forever 21 – $19.90

4. Ahoy Crop Tee from Nastygal – $42.00

5. Seneca Rising Rose Crop Top from Pixie Market – $68

6. Safari Silk Crop Top from Nastygal – $48.00