Fashion Trend: Monochromatic Colors

Head to toe matching colors? Designers are mixing hues of the same color tone without losing the all over, one color effect. Fall 2010 runways were hot for matchy looks that were updated and modern. A colorful print paired with a similar tone in a solid, or a variation of one color worn from head-to-toe were common trends. Combinations of various textures keep these hues interesting, while slight variations in the colors add depth. Solids have never been so versatile.

It’s obvious that Salvatore Ferragamo loves greys, and he’s included every shade in this runway look, including matching accessories (left). Pretty in purple, Brian Reyes pairs a plum skirt with a sheer, violet blouse (right).

Hot for Isaac Mizrahi, these contrasting orange prints blend effortlessly with matching solid handbags and shoes full of texture (left). Olive colored pants and a celery colored jacket make for an unexpectedly beautiful pairing at Burberry (right).

So pick a color you like and go wild with accessories, as a monochromatic look can get playful when you mix up textures and prints.