How to Infuse More Red Into Your Wardrobe

Red is an electrifying color. A red lip instantly turns heads, and the girl in the red dress is always the life of the party.

Even Nathaniel Hawthorne knew the value of red – it was no coincidence Hester Prynne wore a Scarlet Letter on her chest.

Red naturally draws attention because of its vibrancy and power factor – and maybe, considering the current supernatural trend, because it brings to mind images of vampires and blood.

Whatever the reason, red always makes a statement.  Embrace this bold color and find new ways to wear it. 

Adding red to any outfit makes it a show-stopper, so here are some ideas to get you started.


Tips on how to infuse more red into your wardrobe:

1. Wear a red jacket with frilly detailing and wrap a bow belt around the waist.

2. Pucker up with two kinds of red lips:  classic red or neon orange-red.

3. Wear your boyfriend’s old red shirt under a pair of childish overalls.

4. Make lumberjack plaid look fashion-forward by mixing it with tie-dye and a large leather tote.

5. Drape a bright red cardigan over your shoulders.

6. A long red military coat makes a basic jeans and shirt combo look out of this world.

7. Tie your hair into a bun and put on a red, semi-turban headband to add kick and charm to a denim look.

8. Layer a red Fair Isle knitted vest over a classic pinstripe blazer.