New Year’s Style Resolutions for 2011

With 2011 just around the corner, it’s time to turn over a new fashion leaf. Resolve yourself to make these style adjustments for a happier and more chic year ahead. Good luck and let’s make this year a great one! 

Burberry Trench1. Stop overspending: We know way too many girls (and guys) who look amazing in all the newest Wang fashions, but secretly struggle to make ends meet. Supporting your favorite designers is great, and we’re all for stimulating the economy, but know your limit. There’s no reason you can’t keep your flyness on a budget. We’ve been around the fashion scene for a long time and we’ve never once rolled our eyes at someone for wearing something that was used, “last season”, or a sample sale find, so get over yourself. And if your friends are these types of eye-rollers, then maybe your #1 resolution this year should be to get new friends.   

2.  Subscribe to international magazines: The American point of view is great, but is only one of many. Our favorite fashion icons are cultured, no matter where they’re from. Step outside of U.S. publications for a minute and find your fashion rags somewhere besides the checkout aisle. Hit up a newsstand online or in a major city, and get inspired by what’s going on in France, Italy, Mexico, Dubai, anywhere!  

3. Go back to basics: Invest in more classics, fewer trends. We’re not saying you should ignore trends. We live for the latest trend. We are just saying that when you are investing a large amount of money into an item, make it a classic. A Burberry trench coat will last you ages, but those neon African-print harem sweats? Not so much. Personally, we’re not afraid to get our over-the-top trendy pieces from diffusion lines, independent designers, or mass retailers.  

Jessica Alba haircut4. Get a sensible mid-length haircut: Seriously, no more overgrown hair, or exaggerated extensions. You’ve been trying to achieve the perfect mermaid hair for years and it just isn’t happening. No one is falling for that head-full of clip-ins, sorry. We know this one from experience. Just accept that you’ll look chic in a shoulder length bob like Jessica Alba and let it go. With or without bangs is fine. Trust us.   

5. Mix more prints: Everyone is talking about it, but not everyone is doing it. This style isn’t going anywhere so jump in and be daring! It’ll give your wardrobe some much-needed sprucing. Especially if you can’t afford an entirely new wardrobe for the new year. If you’re unsure of how to successfully pull off print mixing, here are 5 ways to mix and match prints.