What We Bought: Vintage Chanel, Stella McCartney, and Fluttery Florals (Forum Shopaholics)

Etsy giraffe necklace - fashion spot forum buys

From big splurges on Chanel and Stella McCartney to affordable buys from Zara, Asos, and H&M, here are some of the purchases our forum shopaholics showed off this week.

Chanel blazer - fashion spot forum buys

Toothfairy lucked out on ebay and was the only bidder for this classic blue and grey tweed Chanel blazer that is sure to get some serious rotation in her wardrobe. 

Stella McCartney necklace - fashion spot forum buysH&M red blazer - fashion spot forum buys

Another lucky ebay buyer was lola rose, who won this beaded Stella McCartney necklace with a satin ribbon tie. “I was actually looking for something completely different, but ended up with this,” she wrote. Eu-pt complimented her on her “great eye for jewelry.”

Blazers seem to be very popular in the Fashion Spot forums at the moment, and Zarina picked up this fun red version with a slightly puffed sleeve from H&M. 

Etsy giraffe necklace - fashion spot forum buysVintage Howard Benedikt brooch - fashion spot forum buys

Inspired by Belowen’s Etsy necklace purchase a few weeks back, BibiRose ordered this cute giraffe necklace from the same seller, FreshyFig.

Always on the lookout for unique and unusual pieces, Hebden found this vintage Howard Benedikt brooch that reminds her of  “an underwater creature.”

H&M floral dress - fashion spot forum buysAsos floral top - fashion spot forum buys

Another one of Zarina’s H&M purchases was this floaty, feminine maxi dress with long sleeves that she has already managed to show off in the “what are you wearing today” thread

Belowen bought a fluttery floral as well this week. Her new purchase came in the form of a yellow, brown, and cream-colored top from Asos.


Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.