Love It or Hate It: Guys Weigh in on Summer’s Hottest Fashion Trends for Women

fuchsia lips

By now, you’ve probably read countless spring/summer trend reports and could readily recite this season's most talked about fashion and beauty crazes for women off the top of your head (if someone were to actually ask). But have you ever wondered what guys really think about all this stuff? If the new man in your life seriously likes making out with a mouth full of loud lipstick? Or if that hottie you met at the bar last night even noticed your new shoes (or was far too caught up in how hot they made your legs look to care)?

Well, we took it upon ourselves to find out. We asked five guys what they thought about five of this season’s hottest new trends, and what we discovered just might surprise you! But first, let’s meet the guys:

  • Drew: a 25-year-old accountant from North Carolina and a self-proclaimed sports fanatic.
  • Kenny: a 27-year-old nightlife enthusiast and Founder/CEO of newly launched deals website, Night Tap.
  • Jay: a 29-year-old actor who's learned that honesty isn’t always the best policy, especially when it comes to critiquing a woman's looks.
  • Paul: a 31-year-old bail agent who openly admits to his cluelessness when it comes to fashion.
  • Rafael: a 32-year-old fashion designer and stylish store manager at Just Cavalli.

Now, let’s see what they had to say!


1. Nautical-Inspired Fashion – love it or hate it?

Nautical look from MadewellDrew – I don’t mind the nautical look, but pattern isn’t as important to me as the cut of the clothing. I do like to see more legs during the summer, so the white shorts are definitely a plus!!!

Kenny – Eh…makes me think of yuppies, but I’m not mad at white and blue.

Rafael Whatever about it, but unless you are really thin the nautical look just makes you look like a boat.  

The Overall Verdict? Most guys are pretty indifferent on this one. Show them a variety of nautical looks, and they’ll probably tell you something different each time.  

image: Madewell


2. Flared Jeans – what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Jay Bozo the clown in the 70s (clown pants). I’m definitely not a fan – they’re too wide, what do you need all that material for? They also kind of hide a girl's figure, mainly the legs. I need to know if you have cankles! And this is a great way to hide them.

Paul – Bell bottoms are kinda not cool…

Drew  I thought JNCOs went out of style in the late 90s. I like seeing women in a more fitted look that shows off their figure, like skinny jeans.

The Overall Verdict? If you want to grab a guy’s attention, flares aren’t going to cut it. Men are visual creatures and want to see what the shape of your legs actually look like. Their all-time favorite style on a woman? Skinny jeans!

image: InStyle

3. Bright Lips – love it or hate it, and what do guys really think about lipstick?

fuchsia lipsKenny Love it. It’s hot when girls accentuate their lips. At the end of the night, I’m going to want to kiss them more. It’s a good look for party girls.

Jay Ahhh, well it looks good on pale blondes. Then it’s hot. But if it rubs off on me, I hate it. It tastes kinda weird too!

Rafael Used in the right way it can work…and with the right tones for your skin complexion. But it’s more for photo shoots and younger girls. Natural tones probably look best.

The Overall Verdict? Some guys dig this look, others don’t. It really just depends on the girl, and whether or not you’re going to get it all over them when you’re making out later. Lip gloss is always a good alternative.

image: Jil Sander S/S 2011 IMAXtree

4. The Long Bob (or “Lob”) – what’s the first thing that comes to mind? 

Olivia Palermo long bobDrew I’m usually a fan of longer hair, but in this case it looks good. I’m leaning towards liking it. While a pretty face seems to be essential for a bob, a “lob” is a bit more forgiving.

Rafael – Friends (the sitcom). Not sexy and very boring, girl-next-door.

Kenny It’s very Suzy Homemaker-ish. Make a decision ladies. Go long or go short. You can’t do both. Long and free flowing hair like you just left the beach looks best.

The Overall Verdict? Better than the bob, but still not hotter than long locks. 

image: Olivia Palermo,


5. Flatforms – love ‘em or hate ‘em, and why?

Prada flatformPaul Hate 'em. The platform looks funny. Heels are sexiest.

Drew Not sure how I feel about them. I’m a huge fan of nice legs, which is one reason I love heels, but this look is so different from something I’ve ever seen before…

Jay Hate 'em. They look like moon boots! A regular sexy high heel goes a long way.

The Overall Verdict? Forget about flatforms – they aren’t going to win you style points with the boys anytime soon. And, as we suspected, dudes want to see our pretty little legs in a sexy pair of high heels (not “moon boots” as Jay called them).

image: Prada flatform, IMAXtree


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