5 Funky Ideas to Spice Up Your Pad

So you’re tired of staring at the same boring white walls, sitting in the same tacky orange recliner, and you just might puke if you have to see one more “live, laugh, love” poster? Then it’s time to reinvigorate your living quarters. Go a little bold for fall and spice up your pad with these 5 ideas that are totally bananas but completely worth trying:   

1. Warped Wallpaper

Ok, so we know wallpaper may be a little outdated in the traditional sense, but not when it’s as mind blowing and ridiculously awesome as this. Custom-made (literally) to play tricks on your eyes, Surrealien’s wallpapers wrap around everything from doors to dressers to power outlets and more to create one, continuous three-dimensional design for your room.

Interested in ordering your own personalized pattern? Check out the Surrealien website for more information. 

Surrealien warped wallpaper designs

2. Gourd Lamps

Like a galaxy on your ceiling (and walls) but much more grown up, gourd lamps are artsy, innovative and a cool way to illuminate any space. We stumbled across these exquisite and intricately carved gourd lamps by Calabarte and immediately fell in love. Set yours on a side table in the living room like the picture shown below for an elegant, low lighting touch. 

Calabarte gourde lamp

3. Bright, Geometric Rugs

Math may not have been your strong subject in high school, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a little geometry now and then…in the form of contemporary home décor that is. We’re totally lusting over these bold “Matisse-like” designs from renowned British rug designer Sonya Winner. Place the After Matisse rug (shown below) in your living room for an abstract floor accent that’s beautifully crafted and utterly captivating. 

Sonia Winners Rug


4. Modern Ball Chairs

Go futuristic and retro all at once with a colorful, space-age-esque modern ball chair positioned smack dab in the middle of your living room. Featuring a molded fiberglass shell and integrated swivel mechanisms, we’re definitely digging this sleek Eero Aarnio lounge chair available for sale on Lexington Modern.

Modern Ball Chair


5. Chic Wall Decals

Maybe you don’t have time to wallpaper your entire room and painting seems like a tedious, daunting task, then the next best option is undoubtedly wall stickers. Not only can you fake real objects like flowers and plants, you can get lost in entire cities, get inspired with quotes, and even plaster famous people’s faces all over your wall. The options are endless really.

To snag the below decal, check out

Flower wall decal