Rebecca Minkoff for eBay Tech Collection Launches

Rebecca MinkoffLast night I stopped by TenOverTen to preview Rebecca Minkoff's Tech Collection for eBay, which officially launches today for a limited time on eBay Fashion Vault. The designer was on hand to chat with bloggers, all of whom were cozying up for manicures or pedicures with an iPad tucked into one of Minkoff's studded cases in hand. As someone who doesn't own an iPad I was hoping to buy the case and use it as a clutch, but alas after considering it from every angle, the envelope-shaped gold spike studded case can unfortunately only be used to store an iPad. When I spoke to Minkoff, who was decked out in shoes from her namesake brand, she told me that eBay approached her for this partnership, but that the idea for going tech was a result of a team brainstorm. Despite the fact that the collection is Apple-centric, Minkoff said she's not exclusively an Apple user, "but almost."

The six-piece collection includes iPad and iPhone covers and carrying cases available at “Buy it Now” price points from $28-$220. You can also download eBay’s mobile apps to shop the collection via your phone. All of the pieces stay true to Minkoff's aesthetic and given how social media savvy the designer is, it's a fittingly chic collection. Plus, it's hard to argue with the price points; even the men I showed the black spike studded iPhone case to wanted it — though one has to wonder how those spikes would feel in the back pocket of a pair of men's jeans…

Rebecca Minkoff for eBay Collection Details:

  • ­   Spike Stud iPad Envelope, Leather with Metal Studs| Price: $220
  • ­   Spike Stud Wristlet, Leather with Metal Studs| Price: $220
  • ­   Spike Stud iPhone Carry Case, Leather with Metal Studs | Price: $130
  • ­   Cheetah Laser iPhone Case, Army Green| Price: $28
  • ­   Perf and Stud iPhone Case, Black| Price: $28
  • ­   Cheetah Laser iPhone Case, Neon Pink| Price: $28

image: C.Smith/