6 Ways to DIY a Scarf Into a Shirt — No Sewing Required

It’s no secret that I have a thing for scarves. I love coming up with new ways to tie them and new ways to wear them — but one of my favorite times to wear scarves is actually in the summer. Scarves are so much more than a winter accessory, they’re a year-round necessity. With their pretty prints and breezy materials, scarves can be your go-to wardrobe piece this summer with the right tying techniques!

No-sew scarf shirts: Side-Shoulder Bow and Cowl-Neck Scarf Top


1. Side-Shoulder Bow

With a rectangle scarf, find the middle of the longest side of your scarf and rest it against one side of your stomach. Tie two of the ends together on top of one shoulder, making a fluffy knot. Take the other ends and tie them around your waist, securing the top. If you don’t want your skin showing on the side, wear a strapless tank top underneath the scarf shirt.

2. Cowl-Neck Scarf Top

With a rectangle scarf, take two of the corners of the widest part of your scarf and tie them behind your neck. With the remaining two corners, tie them around the small of your back.

No-sew scarf shirts: Scarf Bolero and Scarf Bustier Top

3. Scarf Bolero

With an infinity scarf (or a regular scarf with the ends tied together), let the scarf rest on your back. Slip your arms in the loop like you would put on a backpack and adjust your scarf to make it look its best.

4. Scarf Bustier Top

Fold your scarf longways to your desired width and center it at the front of your chest. Bring the ends to the back and tie them in a knot that’s parallel to the front. Make sure it’s secure, you don’t want a Janet Jackson episode to happen to you in real life! Bring the ends of the scarf around to the front again and tuck them in to create a sweetheart neckline effect. Secure with safety pins for an extra precaution.

No-sew scarf shirts: One-shoulder wrap and Scarf Halter Top

5. One-Shoulder Wrap

With a rectangle scarf, take the two ends on the smaller side and tie them together. Slip your arm through that hole. Take the long part of the scarf and wrap it diagonally across your chest. Bring it around to the back and continue wrapping the scarf until you run out of material. Tuck in the end of the scarf into one of the layers. Secure with safety pins if desired.

6. Scarf Halter Top

Take a large scarf or wrap and hold it lengthwise across your back near your shoulder blades — similar to how you’d hold a towel you’re about to wrap up in. Bring the two ends to your front and cross them at your chest. Cross the ends again at your chest. Bring the ends around to the back of your neck and tie a simple knot.

6 ways to tie a scarf into a shirt - no sewing required

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