Non-Neutral Hues to Beat the Winter Blues

Color ruts happen, even to the most inspired fashion devotees among us. Black is so easy! Throw in some gray, some white, a hint of beige and you're a walking classic. Never is the danger of this situation higher than in the cold, dark months of fall and winter. First of all, black is all around you, everyone else is doing it, so why shouldn't you? Because after reading this article, you're going to know better. Dark skies and dark clothes day in and day out might affect your mood, your personal sense of style, or even your sense of femininity. We're not suggesting you go banana yellow from head to toe, but there are some seriously gorgeous color trends from the fall runways that are worth giving a try in lieu of the habit-forming neutral wardrobe so many fall prey to this time of year. As they say, the best offense is a good defense, so here's your chance to plan ahead by looking at some of the colors we fell in love when we saw the Fall 2012 shows. We've even thrown in a suggestion or two on how to fit them into your pre-existing wardrobe.