These Granddad Jumpers Are Just the Right Amount of Old School

London is far from having a climate which emulates the tropics but as the autumn months progress, our sunbathing in the park days are nothing but a distant memory as the days are slowly getting colder and colder. We’ve already switched our sandals for boots, said goodbye to bare legs, and had to resort to layering up our looks, and we are most definitely in need of a bit of inspiration regarding what to wear during this transitional phase. Fittingly, we’ve found ourselves checking out how our favourite celebs have been dealing with this chilly weather, and it seems that Granddad jumpers are the ordre du jour!

Many magazines have also recently been reporting Granddad jumpers as a growing new trend amongst the off duty A-list, which includes Brit favourites Kylie Minogue and Sienna Miller, who have both been seen leading the trend. We’re sure that it’s the versatility of the Granddad jumper (being able to dress them up or simply stay cosy and casual) which is making it a firm favourite and a must-have piece for our wardrobes right now. Yes, we too NEED to buy one around about now!

In our quest to find a new Grandad jumper, we’ve hit the web, and pretty much done the hard work for you to find the hottest five available to buy right now! 

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