I was able to go backstage and speak with Allen Ruiz and his Avon team at Thuy to get the inside scoop on how the hair looks for the show were achieved.  

Ruiz told me that this season the hair at Thuy was all about “controlled chaos,” so a number of the model’s hair was split ear-to-ear and then twisted into a side ponytail, pinned followed by some teasing of the ends.  

The products used on the model’s were Avon’s Advance Techniques Body Building Shampoo and the Advance Techniques Body Building Conditioner to cleanse and condition the hair before styling. In fact, unlike what one might thing when going for a teased or muddled look, it’s best to work with clean hair I was told. The models’ manes were then treated with Avon’s Advance Techniques Volume & Texture Instant Recharge Treatment and styled using their Volumizing Mousse and Hair Spray. 

As for the Fall/Winter 2009 show’s big hair trends, Ruiz singled out matte and textured hair.