You would never have guessed from the packed space in Bloomsbury that the Sinha Stanic hadn’t planned on showing at London Fashion Week. Four months prior, Aleksander Stanic and Fiona Sinha opted out of showing at the prestigious event.

"We had decided we weren’t going to do anything, but everyone we spoke to said ‘What are you doing?!’ and eventually we accepted that we had to do something." – Alexander Stanic told

So they did.

The two time winners of the New Generation award decided to grant the fashion community the pleasure of viewing their Autumn/Winter collection. And despite the last minute rush, the show was definitely worth every second.

An unlikely stimulus, Sinha-Stanic’s take on Pearly Kings and Queens was brought to life, as East End culture. Hats, silhouettes, buttons and emblems were all translated into Sinha-Stanic’s pearly style for this Autumn/Winter. Purple and maroon sculpted sheathes were teamed with maroon tights and heeled Dr Martens, to create a look true to the East End – which just so happens to be the designer’s home and workspace.  The purple and maroon sheathes were decorated with sun bleached feathers resembling the plumage on the kings’ headwear.

A number of dresses were showcased, enough for any girly girl to indulge in. The only non-dress look took the form of an over sized tailored jacket with skinny trousers, the essence of Cockney sparra’ and rockers on black silk. To set off the beautifully constructed garments, chunky zip detailing and patches of shearing on chiffon – a technique utilized by many designers so far – made sure that the collection maintained its modern responsibilities and still kept its nostalgic features safely in tact.

"We just wanted something relaxed and intimate, more like a look book shoot with friends present," Fiona Stanic confided after the show had finished "As it turned out the space made it work more like a show, but the fact we organized it only a week ago and only had seven models made for a few hairy moments backstage!"

Rest assured, Aleksander Stanic and Fiona Sinha, the audience couldn’t care less about any backstage mishaps. As far as the eye could see, the clothing was effortless and stylish, while maintaining characteristics Sinha-Stanic is known for, and brought out the inner cockney in all of us.

“I loved the bleedin’ show, guvna…”

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.