At first glance, it was too good to be true, a skull necklace from New Zealand designer Karen Walker for a mere $25.  For someone with a morbid attraction to skulls and a similarly intense, though decidedly less morbid, attraction to Karen Walker’s designs it seemed like manna from heaven.  A bargain at a time when, thanks to all of the economic doom and gloom out there, it was desperately needed. 


But then, just as I was getting ready to click on the “add to cart” button, a funny thing happened.  Suddenly my prospective $25 purchase, an acquisition only slightly more costly than an issue of Paris Vogue, assumed mammoth proportions.  The $25 changed from “deal of the day” to a feeling of frittering my money away on something that, while still undeniably cute, was merely a momentary whim…in it’s lowest form a piece of plastic and rope that would provide a fleeting thrill throughout the summer but would probably be consigned to the bottom of my jewelry box come fall. 


I should, I suppose, be proud of myself for discovering this latent strain of frugality but I’m not.  Instead I’m a little dismayed by the enthusiasm my inner voice is showing for penny-pinching during this decline in the economy.