For quite a while now I’ve been on a sort of magazine diet.  More and more, the actual content has failed to stack up against the ever-rising cost to buy the magazines, especially those which hail from distant shores.  There are also the space concerns, such as the pile of ‘zines rising from the floor of my apartment like stalagmites in a particularly dank cave. 
But then, quite suddenly, the craving came upon me.  I wanted a French magazine and I wanted it now! 

A visit to a local bookstore was disappointing.  Two-month-old copies of l’Officiel and Jalouse sat on the shelves looking moth-eaten and dejected.  An enquiry at the help desk yielded the information that they would no longer be carrying one of the titles and could not begin to guess when a new edition of the other would arrive. 

At this point I turned, as I so often do, to the internet.  And there I discovered the archives of French publisher Jalou.  Every copy of l’Officiel, Jalouse, muteen, La Revue des Montres, and others, some dating back to 1921, available electronically – and, incredibly, they were free. 
I’ll admit a small portion of me (we’ll call it “the traditionalist”) misses the touch, smell, and other intangibles that only a “real” magazine can offer.  The rest of me, however, is relieved that I’ll finally be able to see my floor again.