Even though her shoes are often painfully hard to wear since they aren’t made with leather (because of McCartney’s vegetarian stance), they’re consistently some of the most covetable. I actually went back to a McCartney boutique after buying a pair last season and asked if there was something they could do to make the pair of shoes I bought less stiff. The answer I got – “they’re runway shoes. They’re not meant to be worn!”. In truth, McCartney has become a veritable fashion powerhouse and many of her designs (at least when it comes to footwear) are works of art.


McCartney’s clothing is more understated and classic, however. The English designer’s palette this season was soft and there was a light-heartness to the collection from the get-go – the show opened with some oversized ruffled looks and a number of the models had delicate smiles on their faces. The hair and makeup were kept breezy and there were a number of — fittingly — easy to wear pieces including jumpers, a trend that McCartney got on way before anyone else did.


The designer has without a doubt perfected the art of making clothing looks effortless even when there is an underlying complexity to the way the fabrics perfectly fall exactly where they are supposed to, and so fluidly move with the body.

Lace, high-waisted pants, and flouncy skirts also made recurring cameos.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.