From Taylor Momsen and Leighton Meester, to Cameron Diaz and Madonna, crimson-colored lips have been sweeping the red carpet and the New York City streets. That said, it’s easy for the look to turn into a vampy, gothic disaster if not paired appropriately with contrasting or complementing fashion choices.


The first step is picking the appropriate lip color. One of the best on the market right now are the ones from Kanebo Sensai. Luscious in both color and packaging (each lipstick comes packaged in a gold case protected by a velvet pouch), their latest one is called “The Lipstick” and comes in 15 shades, each of which was carefully selected from over 200 core colors used in the silk Kimono of the Japanese aristocracy during the Heian Period. The stand-out when it comes to the particular trend in questions is Suou, a very deep crimson red. The lipstick no only imparts a vibrant, richly-colored hue, but it increases lip moisture and has a number of anti-aging benefits (of course all of this is reflected in the $55 price tag).



Next, tackle the rest of your face – the paler the skin on your face, the more statement you’ll be making with your lips. Typically, the look works best with light makeup – go minimal on the blush and liner to avoid looking clownish, and just apply some light shadow and black mascara.


Similarly, when it comes to fashion choices, the lighter the wardrobe, the more the crimson lips will pop. Avoid looking too washed out by going head-to-pastel, and avoid the opposite vamp effect by going full-on black. Contrasting colors – black top, white pants – or a monochromatic look with popping accessories will likely work best.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.