In the majority of cases, collaborations between the worlds of fashion and food can be a little disappointing; more focused on collectable packaging than providing any kind of victuals that you would actually want to eat.  In the case of the partnership between Italian design house, Marni, and French luxury cake maker (and inventor of the double decker macaroon), Ladurée, the end result is as pleasing to the taste buds as it is to the eyes.

Inside a whimsical polka dot and floral box nestles pure edible luxury, in the form of chocolate macaroons bedecked with gold leaf.  The limited edition treat is the perfect way to add some relatively inexpensive luxe to the holiday season and will be available at Ladurée’s shops in Paris, London, Dublin, Tokyo and Switzerland from December 1st.

At the other end of the food chain we find Christian Louboutin’s affiliation with Piper-Heidseck, a union that falls into the slightly rarer category of good food (or drink) in bizarre packaging.  The glass shoe (which features the statutory 5.5” heel and red sole) is supposed to harken back to the days when the French aristocracy would profess their undying love for a women by drinking out of her shoe.  Anyone willing to reinstate this tradition can find the flute at Selfridges in London.