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Eyes On: Glasses Trends and How to Find the Perfect Frames for Your Face

by CANNON and Izzy Ruiz for the Canon Media Group

by CANNON and Izzy Ruiz for the Canon Media Group

Recently our team at CMG had the pleasure of styling the stars of one of most popular comedies on TV. While at the accessories table, the show’s budding ingénue picked up a pair of vintage round frames and asked, “Are these too big for my face??”

They weren't, actually, and eventually the mint green sunnies made it into the shot. But that got us chatting about which rules we follow for ourselves and for our clients when picking the right pair of frames. And since we’re kind of fashion geeks, we went straight to the source and checked in with our dear friend and trend expert Eden Wexler of eyewear manufacturer Safilo USA and retailer Solstice. So for all you Jackie O, Aviator and Wayfarer collectors, read up on how to find the right pair of frames for you.

theFashionSpot: Can you give us some basic rules for selecting glasses for your face shape?

Eden Wexler: The general rule is that you should select glasses that are opposite of your face shape. For example, if you have a round face, don't select round glasses. Pick something that is rectangular or geometric to provide balance. BUT if you are unsure about what kind of face shape you have, focus on the following:

  • Do the glasses rest too heavily on my cheeks? If so, it’s a sign of a bad fit.
  • Do the glasses extend too far off of the sides of my face? This means the glasses are too big.
  • Do the ends [of the arms] not rest properly over my ears? A red flag the glasses are too small. This happens to a lot of men with larger features.
  • Do the glasses let in too much sunlight on the bottom or sides of the frame? This is also a major red flag that the glasses are too small for you. Men make this mistake a lot!!
  • Do these glasses work with my coloring and hairstyle? Sometimes you need different glasses for different hairstyles and occasions or if your weight fluctuates, which affects the way the glasses look or fit.

tFS: Polaroid Eyewear just launched in the U.S. this summer. Tell us about the brand.

EW: While many are very familiar with the Polaroid Instamatic camera, which was introduced in 1948, few are familiar with the fact that its inventor, Dr. Edwin Land, developed the technology for polarized lenses almost 10 years prior and began selling the first commercially sold polarized sunglasses over 75 years ago. Polaroid Sunglasses have a rich and iconic history and today, it is one of the top four global sunglass brands in Europe, selling over 4 million pairs of polarized sunglasses in over 80 countries. The new line, which is now available in the U.S., features Polaroid polarized UltraSight lenses and ranges from $60 – $98, with a higher-end Polaroid Plus line at $140. Recent celebrity fans of the collection include David Beckham and Justin Bieber who both recently purchased different pairs from our New York and L.A. Solstice stores respectively. The collection can also be found at Bloomingdale’s, Lord & Taylor and Dillard’s.

tFS: So what’s trending now in eyewear?

EW: The big trends we’re seeing are, again, polarized lenses, as well as bright colors, transparency, mirror lenses, cat-eyes and glitter.

  • People are increasingly looking to merge fashion with function. So the benefits of glare-reducing polarized lenses are now widely available in many fashion sunglass collections. Bright colored temples and frame fronts are also all the rage this summer. Sunglasses this season are offered in a full spectrum of rainbow and sherbet colored shades. Touches of neon are also super hot and anything in emerald!
  • Transparent effects either on the temples or full frames are as popular this season as glitter embellishments. Both trends are found all over the accessories wall from sunglasses, shoes, bags and clothing. But watch out because…
  • Retro chic is also a big trend, especially with mirrored lenses and cat-eye frames thanks to new colorations, shapes, sizes and materials making them still feel very fresh and new.

tFS: So what should people look for when shopping for sunglasses?

EW: First, keep an open mind and be willing to try glasses outside of your comfort zone—as a new pair of sunglasses can easily update your wardrobe and/or persona and make you feel really good about yourself. Keep proper fit in mind. Make sure that the glasses provide adequate coverage under and around the eyes and sit properly on your nose without resting on the cheeks. Do the “smile test” — it works every time — if you smile and the glasses noticeably rise off your nose bridge, move on to the next pair!

Izzy wear the Gucci 1031/S

Izzy wear the Gucci 1031/S

tFS: Does it matter how long you keep a pair of sunglasses? How often should you shop for a new pair?

EW: If you take proper care of your sunglasses, they can last several years but if you see that the lenses or frames are chipped, scratched or are peeling, it's definitely time for a new pair. I'd recommend adding at least one new pair a year to your sunglass wardrobe to keep your sunglasses current.

In the name of research we took a trip to Solstice here in NYC and the stylists were so fun to play dress up with that Izzy walked out with a major pair of Gucci 1031/S.

"They were a larger style than I would’ve normally picked—but once I put them on, they were NOT coming off."

Happy Shopping! For more advice and styles visit your nearest Solstice Sunglasses. To find the neasest store just click here.


Editorial Credits:

Photographed by Jayme Thornton

Styled by CANNON

Hair and makeup by Sara Stewart using Laura Mercier Cosmetics