Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Seductive Ways to Show a Little Skin But Still Stay Warm This Winter

Naturally, when the temperature drops, the layers increase; so how do you maintain that feminine mystique when you're comfortably covered head-to-toe in an abundance of clothing? While traditional cold weather guards like down-filled puffer coats, bulky, chunky knits and thick woolly tights are winter essentials necessary for staying warm, they aren't the sexiest of apparel. Inevitably, all seductiveness goes out the window once you bundle up in layers that leave you shapeless. Still, as the degrees dip below, you don't have to sacrifice style in the name of warmth; there's a way to look chic while keeping cozy. Juxtapose warm, winter-ready practicality with a heady hint of sensuality to strike the perfect chord between concealed and coquettish. Whether it's subtle displays of skin in an off-the-shoulder or clavicle revealing dress, or a plunging neckline that defies the plummeting climate change, the secret to staying sexy come winter is the suggestion of skin and a sensuous silhouette.

Transition your cold weather style to be seasonally-appropriate and yet head-turningly attractive using these subtly sultry runway inspirations to bring your sexy back this season.