4 Convincing Reasons Why Jumpsuits Make Our Hearts Soar

There's a certain sort of woman who wears the jumpsuit, isn't there? She's bold, she's brave — she's wearing a onesie on her adult frame, so she has to be! Or she could be you. Every season (and more so in the last several seasons), retailers offer stunning options for one-piece wardrobe additions. And it's not just the downtown city girl who should consider them.

The most obvious reason: instant outfit. These work layered with different separates and accessories, as you'll soon see, just as well as they do all by themselves sans extras. Barring full-on overalls, most of them can be dressed up or down for day or for the office. And how better to show off your legs and waist than in a satin romper for evening? 

We find the name playsuit beyond apropos, for these little numbers truly let you play in your closet, styling the perfect look for the perfect occasion. We're also not opposed to other women seeing our own choices as brave and bold. Check out these looks we've put together to inspire you to try the new way to suit up this winter and beyond.