11 Feminine Leopard Pieces You Want in Your Wardrobe

Leopard print can be a tough one. It looks great teamed with leather for edge or khaki to take on the safari look, but sometimes it can translate as something more appropriate for the cast of Jersey Shore. What we’re saying is, the print of a wild animal can come across a little trashy.

But just because you’re not one to wear hoop earrings, get into fistfights and party until the sun comes up, doesn’t mean you can’t relish in the beautiful and adventurous print. There’s a new, softer version sweeping our retailers, which are feminised with pastel palettes, watercolour patterns or situated on girly silhouettes. 

Make sure you see our favourite picks from the web below because if you weren’t a fan of leopard print before, you could be after clicking through these gems.