How to Style Your Maxi Dress for Fall

If the recent heat wave had you investing in a whole rail of new maxi dresses and you’re kind of regretting the splurge now that the sunshine has disappeared, believe us, you’re not alone! Despite the dramatic weather change, the faithful maxi dresses aren’t showing any signs of disappearing from the shop floors as of yet, and with good reason, as there are plenty of ways that you can style them for the cooler periods ahead.

Take the sleeveless shirt-style maxi dress, for instance. It’s a firm favourite amongst the fash pack and a no-brainer for summer — and an even cooler piece for fall, if styled correctly. A great way to begin the seasonal layering up is by using the sleeveless maxi as a long cardigan across your regular outfit until you transition into heavier layers.

If we look toward the blogosphere for some inspiration, one U.K. blogger who knows exactly how to layer up for maximum impact is Stephanie Brown of Faiiint, adding a cool, tie-front leather jacket to her maxi.

faiiint blog

Image: Faiiint

If you’re not quite ready to reach for your leather jackets again, remember that this summer has been filled with colourful coordinates, so in staying with the matchy-matchy theme, why not opt for the shirt-upon-dress look? Simply tie one of your favourite blouses, or even a contrasting denim shirt like Topshop’s MOTO Bleach Oversized Shirt for £34 (below left), across your maxi as a cool cover-up. It infuses your outfit with some stylish interest whilst still beating the oncoming chill. 

denim shirts

Or, wear your maxi as a skirt by completing your outfit with a top, creating the illusion of separates. If you love the denim look, switch to a cropped version like Topshop’s MOTO Vintage Floral Boxy Shirt for £34. When the temperature really begins to drop, casualise with a simple sweater or create some interest with a statement jumper like on Leanne Lim-Walker below, who opted for a furry number. 

As you can see, there’s no need to worry if you’ve recently stocked up on maxi dresses, since you can still have plenty of fun styling them for the months ahead!