Celebrating 10 Years of Karen Walker Eyewear with its Most Iconic Images of All Time

Karen Walker

Photo: Karen Walker

It’s been 10 years since Karen Walker began creating cutting-edge faces, and we couldn’t be more grateful that she hit the scene. She changed eyewear as we knew it, with an audacious approach to sunglasses design throughout the last decade.

The idea behind Karen’s first-ever eyewear collection was bigger, bolder, brighter, flatter, more optimistic and cartoon-like, and each factor is still, amazingly, present today. Her unlikely inspirations, like toys, villainous dictators, cult movies and extraordinary characters, are, unsurprisingly, what has morphed her brand into one of the most sought-after cult eyewear labels in the world.

The label’s campaign images never cease to amaze, always displaying a strong desire to go against the stereotypical “handsome”. Instead the brand has created some of the most quirky and engaging fashion images known to man, with all ages, ethnicities and household objects acting as the arresting model subjects.

Let us celebrate the wonderful and wacky world that is Karen Walker Eyewear, because we’ve loved every minute of her outlandish view. Click through our gallery below to see the label’s most iconic images of all time, with balloon and broom heads thrown in for good measure.