Celebrity Style

Foolproof First Date Outfits Inspired by Our Favorite Celebrity Couples


We’ve heard it all. Don’t wear red nails on a first date, ladies—that’s for you-know-who. Stay away from anything too trendy—it’s unapproachable. Never, ever wear a hat—it’s intimidating. Always wear heels, preferably stilettos—men like that.

We have one thing to say about all of this: Rules shmules. Throw all that arbitrary nonsense out the window. It plays into antiquated gender roles, and it’s bullshit. Wear what makes you happy and comfortable on a first date, whether that’s a printed DVF wrap dress or a moto jacket with David Bowie’s face plastered on the back. Think of it as a weeding out process. If your date is right for you, they won’t run—no matter what you wear. In fact, they’ll appreciate your quirkiness and who knows? Maybe you’ll skip off into the sunset wearing matching Lebowski T-shirts and camo cargos. Whatever works. 

If you’re still feeling unsure, check out some of our favorite celebrity duos below to get inspiration on what to wear on a first date. The outfits run the gamut from dressier numbers to low-key coffee runs. When in doubt, grab your weekend go-to and get down with your bad self.

Images: WENN