Three Former Sephora Execs Launch Luxe Activewear Brand //OUT


//OUT Incorporated is the latest in a slew of brands offering a luxury take on activewear. Hoping to blur the line between fashion and fitness, the brand was created by three former Sephora executives: Leah Hundsness, Libby Amelia and Lauren Gill. The debut collection, which launched a few months ago, is focused just as much on functional pieces as it is on transitional ones (i.e., ones to take you from the gym to the bar) and all are made using high-performance fabrics. In a nod to OUT’s far-reaching appeal, it’s already stocked at retailers like Equinox and Fred Segal and has been spotted on Dita Von Teese, Mindy Kaling, Jennifer Lopez and Jaimie Alexander. We spoke with the three founders to learn more about this budding label.

theFashionSpot: What made you guys come together to start the brand?

OUT Incorporated: We all worked for Sephora for a number of years and were constantly surprised by the number of innovations in beauty. When we talked about fashion, however, we noticed that the same innovation in fabrics and uses were not so obvious. In fact, the high street trend has arguably created a shift away from focus on fabrics and construction. We all enjoy keeping fit and healthy, however, [and] noticed that for some reason, fashion and fitness were viewed as mutually exclusive. We wanted to change that. OUT is our call to women to get more “out” of their wardrobe. By not limiting the use of our garments as seems to be the trend, we encourage women to WORK//OUT, STRETCH//OUT, BREATHE//OUT and GO//OUT in style.


tFS: Is it hard to work together? Do you have separate defined responsibilities?

OI: We are very consciously working against the “corporate norms” when it comes to roles and responsibilities. We have a framework to ensure the work gets done, however, we are firm believers in nourishing our individual talents and being honest about our weaknesses. This creates a more solid platform for us to succeed. Rather than super-conspicuous titles to lean on, we keep each other accountable for our more “earthy” roles in the business. Lauren is “get it organized,” Libby is “get it done” and Leah is “get it right.”

tFS: What has been the biggest challenge from jumping from beauty to activewear?

OI: We have had a number of challenges, like any new business. However, the biggest challenge for us has been that we want things to happen fast. After working in the corporate world, we are used to having a host of people to get behind our ideas. Having your own business is absolutely liberating, however, you have to be willing to get your hands dirty to maintain the momentum.