How to Toughen Up Pastel Hues This Summer

Soft pastel shades easily lend themselves to the more girlie-girl out there, but that’s not to say the trend can’t be taken on by those with a casual tomboy style too. All it takes is a little bit of stylish know-how to toughen up the feminine colour palette, with masculine shapes, clever contrasting, edgy accessorising, quirky detailing and more.

Scroll through below to see what we mean, and take notes on how you’ll tackle this trend over summer.

Add Sneakers

Pastels street style

Photos: IMAXTRee

There’s nothing like a pair of casual-cool sneakers to instantly dress down an outfit, and add a tomboy feel to even the prettiest of clothes.

Boxy Shapes

Pastels runway

By Johnny/ Kahlo/ Photos: IMaxTree

Rigid structuring will bring a masculine touch to your super-sweet pastels. Whether it’s boxy T-shirts or sturdy shifts, a little bit of shape is sure to even the playing field.

Subtly incorporate

Pastels street style

Photos: IMAXTree

There’s no need to overdo the pastel shade, and some head-to-toe pastel outfits look too washed out. Be creative with how your incorporate the colour. You’ll be surprised at just how well unexpected colour combinations can work.


Pastels runway

Toni Maticevski/Dion Lee/ Photos: IMAXTree

Add a macho appeal to pastels by sporting a pantsuit. Whether it’s slouchy or sharp, suiting will quickly strip away the pastel-princess feel.