8 Last-Minute Gifts (Really!) for Everyone on Your List

We’ve all been there: You made it to the airport on time despite the blizzard and survived the mile-long line at security. Luggage? Checked. Boarding tickets? In hand. But just as you’re about to kick back and relax to the sound of that holiday Muzak, it dawns on you that you’ve managed to get exactly zero percent of your gift shopping done, and Aunt Lucy and Uncle Frank’s Christmas Extravaganza is in a mere 72 hours.

Fear not! There’s no need to turn to SkyMall, duty free or those weird vending machines that sell iPods at JFK and LAX. Here are eight gifts for everyone on your list that you can purchase from your smartphone, all while you’re waiting to board. Then head to that Hudson News over by Gate 13 and pick up a pack of deliberately tacky cards. Et voilà! The holidays are saved. Don’t say we never did nothin’ for ya.