Sexy Lingerie Sets to Keep Things Hot This Winter

XXXtian Lingerie; Image: Dita Von Teese

XXXtian Lingerie; Image: Dita Von Teese

Even a clotheshorse would agree that what’s on the outside is nothing compared to what’s underneath. Properly fitting intimates can affect the drape of clothes, and panty lines can make or break a pair of perfectly tailored trousers. That’s partially why the lingerie industry has boomed in the past decade, and established its own Fashion Week, which launched in February 2013.

According to IBISWorld’s research from July 2014, the U.S. market for intimates is topping at $13 billion annually, and anyone with a remotely famous name wants a piece of the pie. Last year, Halle Berry launched a French-inspired lingerie line with Target, Heidi Klum linked up with Bendon and Britney Spears debuted her collaboration with Change Lingerie during Spring 2015 Fashion Week in September. They joined a growing list of celebrities and models who are cashing in on lingerie lines, from Elle Macpherson and Jessica Simpson to Gisele Bündchen, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Bar Refaeli and the Kardashians.

So, what exactly does that mean for us? More variety. For Fall 2014, underpinnings ran the gamut from elegant lace sets in classic color schemes like champagne and black to provocative retro sets with high waists and ample push-ups. With so many options, there’s no excuse to hang on to that nude T-shirt bra from 2009. New year, new you.

Click on the slideshow below for the prettiest lingerie sets guaranteed to bolster your wardrobe and heat up your winter.