DIY: How to Fringe the Hem of Your Jeans

Fringe is one of the year’s enduring fashion trends. It emerged with swingy skirts this summer and continues into the cooler months with fringe-hemmed jeans, like the street style favorite 3×1 Crop Fringe Lima. If you’re not ready to drop $295 but still want to bring some drama to your denim, read on for tips on how to fray jeans hems at home. 

Create Denim Fringe

With your jeans on, mark the place you’d like the fringe to start. Stitch a straight line across the area where you want the fray to begin to stop the fringing from moving up the leg of your jeans. Cut the bottom part of your jeans into small strips, starting at the marked area. Each strip should be 1 centimeter wide. Put your jeans in the dryer to create a more organic look.

Sew-On Fringe

Fold the bottom of your jeans to the desired length and pin it down. Pin a layer of fringe on the side of the hem that’s visible. Sew the fringe down on both sides of the hem, so it stays put.

Simply Fray Jeans at the Hem

If fringe is too dramatic a look for your taste, consider fraying the hem of your jeans instead. While wearing your jeans, use chalk to designate the place you’d like your hem to begin and follow these instructions for how to fray jeans. Take them off, lay them out flat and draw a straight line across both legs with chalk. Cut the jeans using a sharp pair of scissors. Pull out threads from the hem using your hands. Finger comb out the threads and trim them for a uniform look. Throw them in the dryer to add a distressed fringe effect. For fuller fringe, try repeated washes.