The Ultimate Packing List for Your Summer Getaway

Summer is the prime season for getaways. But before you jet off to some exotic locale or pack the car for a weekend road trip to the shore, you need to get your packing list sorted. That’s where we come in. We’ve already covered how to find your perfect swimsuit and SPF protection for your pout, so now we just need to focus on the rest of your packing itinerary. From collapsible rose gold headphones to a chic packable hat to a perfume rollerball boasting one of the most in-demand scents — it’s all here. And we even uncovered a suitcase that not only features two built-in chargers, but also comes with location technology that alerts you when your bag is making its way down the carousel at baggage claim. Just click through the slideshow above for all your travel necessities in our ultimate packing list. Happy trails!