20 Cute Outfits That Take Zero Effort

On January 1, some of you resolved to make it out the door on time every day of 2017. Others swore to put a little more effort into their appearance. Ideally, we’d all like to do both. While it’s true that punctuality and sartorial originality don’t always mix, there are tons of ways to streamline your dressing routine. For one, you could choose your ensemble the night before (ha). Or, instead of facing off with your closet every morning, you could actually organize it and toss or donate the things you don’t wear. Another option involves capitalizing on the retail industry’s current nosedive and shopping the (frankly amazing) sales for versatile, outfit-elevating pieces (daring shoes, outsize earrings, fashion-forward handbags) that can be rotated throughout the week.

Of course, you’re not leaving your house to sit front row at Dior, so no need to cut too much into your snoozing time. The aim of the game is cute simple outfits that are creative, yet somehow effort-free. To start you off on the right foot, we’ve rounded up 20 winter-ready looks that ask nothing of the wearer yet fulfill all their style needs. It’s gonna be a good year, guys.