Velvet Is the Next Big Trend in Fitness Apparel

Woman wearing Velvet activewear

Image: Courtesy of SukiShufu

When it comes to fitness apparel, you probably think of technical or performance fabrics. But as the fitness industry becomes more trend-driven, we’re seeing some seriously unexpected fabrics on the activewear racks. SukiShufu, best known for its high-shine leatherback leggings, has introduced velvet activewear in its latest collection. Which begs the question: can you really work out in it? Turns out…YES.

“I love to mix up fabric weights, textures and finishes with the pieces I design to add more interest and detail to our garments,” says SukiShufu founder and designer Caroline White. Now she’s adding velvet to the mix and making waves among trend-conscious fitness fanatics. “Velvet has come a long way since its heady days as a thick, heavy fabric mostly used in curtains or dowdy ballgowns. Today, velvet can be lightweight, stretchy and breathable all while maintaining its desirable soft-brushed finish.”

woman wearing velvet workout wear

Image: Courtesy of SukiShufu

You might be skeptical about this bubbling trend, but velvet has been around for a while in the athletic realm by way of gymnasts’ leotards, ice skating outfits and ballroom dancing costumes. What makes velvet attractive is that it’s unexpected, something that’s especially valued by those looking to stand out in fitness-obsessed cities like New York City or Los Angeles. “Velvet has such a luxurious handle and it adds a touch of casual glamour to your workout look and is completely fit for purpose — people will be surprised,” says White.

Before you get overly excited, we don’t suggest wearing velvet from head to toe. Opt for either a velvet top or a velvet bottom. Velvet also works well with a contrast in volume (for example, a roomy velvet top paired with fitted, high-gloss leggings). Brownie points for this trend because velvet can easily translate into your post-workout life with a simple change of bags and shoes.

woman wearing velvet fitness apparel

Image: Courtesy of SukiShufu