Military Style Gets a Much Needed Update

We women often use fashion to demonstrate our innate power. Pantsuits, made incredibly popular by Hillary Clinton, were all over the Spring 2017 runways. But maybe you’re not looking for a matching set with removable shoulder pads and a handful of simple buttons. Military fashion is another idea. Now before you picture all-over camouflage jumpsuits and classic (read: boring) navy-style peacoats, think again. The new military is softer, more subtle and definitely chic. Double-breasted, gilded or camo-inspired, these updated pieces are easily identified by their strong silhouettes and tough chicness while avoiding an in-your-face vibe.

Totally flexible, this traditionally masculine look can be styled to embrace a tomboy aura or teamed with delicate accessories to give it something distinctly feminine. Paired with frayed jeans, a touch of whimsical color or statement shades, these street style stars did a little of everything. Ready to reenlist in the military trend? We’ve picked out the best examples to inspire your own military reimagining.