12 Sustainable Activewear Brands That Don’t Sacrifice Performance (or Style)

We often associate activewear with synthetic materials like spandex and nylon, so it’s not a category of clothing people usually think of as eco-friendly. Synthetic textiles, which don’t biodegrade, are found in oceans, landfills and even in the digestive tracts of living organisms throughout our environment. A growing group of eco-minded brands, however, are turning this long-held assumption about activewear on its head by swapping synthetics for sustainable materials. Thankfully, sustainable materials don’t come at the cost of performance. Biodegradable, eco-friendly fabrics like bamboo are soft to the touch and have moisture-absorbing properties.

It’s also worth noting that opting for sustainable clothing goes beyond just environmental concerns. Chemicals in the fabrics you wear can penetrate into your skin and get absorbed by your body when you sweat. This is especially true given that most activewear is formfitting.

Here’s a look at some of the best sustainable activewear brands that don’t sacrifice performance in favor of the environment.

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