How to Wear Track Pants Unironically, Plus 15 of Our Faves

This New York Fashion Week, track pants got that elusive Victoria Beckham co-sign.

This New York Fashion Week, track pants got that elusive Victoria Beckham cosign; Image: Raymond Hall/GC Images

Fashion track pants have long been a thing. What’s not to love? They’re cozy, they’re sleek and they’re easily styled up or down. Although, x years into the trend, track pants were dying for a reboot. In September, Gucci’s Alessandro Michele rose to the challenge, sending bow-bedecked, stirrup-accented, track-trouser hybrids down his Spring 2017 runway. In Paris, Kim Kardashian paired actual vintage Adidas tearaways with see-through lingerie. Immediately, side stripes gained traction among the fashion flock.

In February, Victoria Beckham, arbiter of chic, walked the snowy streets of New York City in the lo-fi staple, which she paired with a knee-length, military-style coat and Adidas shell toes. The Fall 2017 runways followed Becks’ example, showing upscale, evening and cocktail-ready takes on the track pants trend.

Track pants on the Fall 2017 runways.

Dion Lee Fall 2017, Les Copains Fall 2017, Byblos Fall 2017; Images: Imaxtree

Dion Lee, lover of decorative elements, subbed track pants for tights. Like Beckham, Lee combined military with athleisure, pairing the striped bottoms with a boldly belted cargo dress. Les Copains matched its striped trousers with striped knitwear, polishing off the look with an open-toe heel. In Milan, Byblos took Kardashian’s styling advice a step further. Like Les Copains, the designer played with lines, showing a sheer tank over coordinating track bottoms, topped off by a fuzzy, fiery red coat. Elsewhere, Tracy Reese, Diane von Furstenberg, Marc Jacobs, Assembly New York, Brunello Cucinelli and Gary Graham also made the case for the haute track pant.

Images: Imaxtree, Christian Vierig/Getty Images, Imaxtree

Images: Imaxtree, Christian Vierig/Getty Images, Imaxtree

As did Olivia Palermo and her fellow #influencers. Some offset the gym vibes with straight-laced V-knits and button-ups and bad-gal leather, others went for a comfy colorblocked look, pairing vibrant track pants with neutral, laid-back toppers. Palermo wore hers with a sleeveless olive turtleneck, a sheer, bell-sleeve blouse and delicate chained necklace, proving that subtle additions speak volumes.

When it comes to scouting your own track stars, we’d follow Kim K’s example and go vintage. Frankie Collective has an ample, rotating selection of high-quality 90s-era Adidas, Nike, Tommy, Reebok, Fila, et al., all for less than $70. If you’d rather something new (and/or fashion-forward), we’ve gathered our favorite track pants in the gallery below.