What to Wear for Kalsarikännit: The Finnish Trend of Drinking at Home Alone in Your Underwear

Attractive young woman relaxing on her bed at home.

Image: studio-fi/Getty Images

First, we were all hyped about hygge. And who wouldn’t be? It was basically an excuse to wrap yourself in oversized cozy knits in the name of fashion. While the trend is still going strong — just look to the Fall 2017 runways for proof with all those cuddly knits, the rising stock of shearling and a long list of fluffy, furry coats — the newest It thing to do involves feeling comfy at home alone in your underwear and indulging in a glass of wine (or two…or three).

Believe it or not, the Finnish government actually invented a word for such a thing: kalsarikännit. Finland’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs even crafted emojis in honor of kalsarikännit. (If only the U.S. government was so ambitious.)

Now, we’re definitely down for anything that lets us kick back in our Calvins and be homebodies, but we realize that not all bras and panties are ideal for lounging. After all, you’re not trying to impress anybody by sporting a push-up bra and barely-there thong that constantly needs adjusting. So with that in mind, here are 22 comfortable lingerie sets perfect for taking up the latest Finnish export. We’ll leave it up to you to decide whether the pieces are best paired with a red or a white.