Here’s Every Piece From Olympia Le-Tan’s Minnie-Inspired Uniqlo Collection

Olympia Le-Tan, the designer best known for stitching book covers onto clutch-size purses, has banded together with Disney and Uniqlo to form a design trifecta. The trio’s new collection, entitled Minnie Mouse Love Dots, is the latest installment in the Walt Disney Company and Uniqlo’s ongoing MAGIC FOR ALL Project. Infused with imagery of Minnie Mouse hand-making a polka-dot dress (as shown in the video above), the range is filled with the sort of cute, whimsical designs one would expect from Le-Tan and the maker of childhood dreams.

Unsurprisingly, the collection’s star pieces are its handbags. There’s a two-way shoulder bag done in the style of Le-Tan’s tromp l’oeil bestsellers, handy cosmetics pouches and pattern-heavy clutches. Rounding out the women’s branch of the collab are 11 funky, screen-printed tees featuring art mapped out by Le-Tan and realized by Disney artists.

“It was fun researching all the vintage Minnies, watching the old cartoons and working on all the poses. It was challenging trying to find a story that made the collaboration all come together, but once we had our concept, everything made sense,” said Le-Tan of the development process.

As is Le-Tan’s way, the printed tees give the appearance of personal craftsmanship. Reproduced felt appliqué, dot and ribbon patterns and faux embroidery appear throughout. “My favorite detail is the way the print looks like an embroidery,” shared the self-taught designer. “I love the magic of this effect. It mirrors the way my embroideries look on my classic book-clutches.”

Click through the gallery below to shop the three-pronged collab (also stocked at Uniqlo’s brick-and-mortar locations). At $19.90, the would-be book clutch is a total steal, and all printed tees clock in at a mere $14.90.