The Fashion Flock’s Newest Rule? Belt Everything

Manipulation. In relationships, it’s never a good thing. (OK, never say never, but it’s almost always a bad thing!) In fashion, though, a little manipulation can go a long way. The easiest and best way to manipulate any outfit is to experiment with a statement belt. It doesn’t matter whether you start with a dress, a jumpsuit or separates, you can completely change up the dimensions and transform your look in an instant.

This isn’t the first season belts have been a major trend during fashion week, going way beyond the boring patent leather strips that sometimes come attached to pants and dresses. Huge bands with gleaming gemstone clasps, elaborate wraps and even more surprising materials are being used to center all kinds of ensembles right now.

There’s plenty of designer inspiration coming off the runways and these street style stars are here to show you exactly how to style your chicest cinchers. With skill, the right belt can enhance curves and give the eye a dividing line to focus on, effortlessly balancing the rest of your outfit. Switch up your favorite silhouette by adding a statement belt or be daring and create a whole new shape you’ve never tried before.