Trend Dare: Mismatched Shoes a la Celine and Calvin Klein

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While we imagine you’re still flush from gushing over and absorbing all the latest trends from the Fall 2017 runways, we’re going to ask that you take a step back and recall all the glorious trends that gained traction on the Spring 2017 catwalks. We know, it seems like eons ago at this point in the fashion calendar, but just take a moment to reflect. Hot pink hues, statement sleeves, see-through accents and square shoulders were all the rage. But there was one styling choice that may initially have flown under trend watchers’ radar.


Calvin Klein Fall 2017, Celine Spring 2017, Moschino Fall 2017; Images: Imaxtree

We’re talking about Phoebe Philo’s revolutionary decision to slip a set of mismatched boots on the feet of one of her models to close out the Celine Spring 2017 show. The Glove Bootie had already stepped out earlier in the presentation in the form of a matching red pair, but by teaming a red one with a white one, Philo really made an impact.

So much so that the Pre-Fall 2017 and Fall 2017 collections were rife with mismatched footwear. Emilio Pucci littered its Pre-Fall 2017 lineup with opposing sandals. Moschino’s patterned heels were awash in mixed messages. Maison Margiela had a little fun with alternating buckle placement on its Fall 2017 wild boots. The concept really hit the mainstream at this year’s Oscars when Naomie Harris hit the red carpet in a fresh Raf Simons’ Calvin Klein by Appointment look complete with yellow sandals boasting alternating embellishments from the Fall 2017 collection.


Street style stars got a real kick out of Celine’s mismatched take; Images: Imaxtree

And of course, the street style set picked up on the trend as they caught the Fall 2017 shows. Replicating the red and white Celine look was clearly the most popular, with showgoers fluctuating which foot was white and which went red. But there were also additional incarnations, including more subtle takes of shoes simply showcasing opposite graphics, sporting nonconforming ankle ties or reversing two-tone mules.


Celine wasn’t the only footwear shaking things up; Images: Imaxtree

Although it’s still hard to track down purposefully mismatched sets, there are a few offerings out there. Or you can do what Celine expects you to do and buy two different versions of the same shoe style in order to mix things up (that’s right, you’ll have to shell out $1,190 times two in order to recreate that runway look — or find a friend with the same shoe size and go halfsies). While this may seem pricey, if you think about it, you’re really getting three pairs of shoes for the price of two. Check out the slideshow below for some of the best mismatched footwear on the market, plus picks that are prime for mixing and matching — no matter your styling skill level.