What to Wear to Work When the Weather Won’t Cooperate

While we’re always excited to say goodbye to the frigid days of winter and greet the longer days of spring, figuring out what to wear in the new season can be a challenge. What seems appropriate in the morning suddenly seems ridiculous at lunchtime. In the evening, you may find yourself thinking that you ditched your winter coat a little too early. It’s tricky to navigate for every day. When you add work into it, it becomes even more difficult because you have to figure out what is suitable for the weather and the office dress code.

Dressing for work in any season can be a challenge, but spring’s unpredictable weather can often have us staring at our closets in the morning with no clue where to begin. If you find that you’re doing this more and more, the good news is that you probably already have all of the pieces in your wardrobe that make up the perfect spring outfit. It’s just a matter of layering them together in the right way.

If you’re looking for some help on how to do that, look no further than these street style stars. They aren’t just masters at mixing and matching colors, patterns and textures, they’re also pros at trans-seasonal dressing. Take a look at these spring work outfit ideas to inspire you this season.

Images: Imaxtree