Fashion Favorite Faustine Steinmetz Just Dropped the Coolest Diesel Denim Collab

A look from Diesel's (In)visible Love Capsule Collection.

A look from Diesel’s (In)visible Love Capsule Collection; Image: Diesel

We have reentered the age of experimental early 2000s denim and no one — not even Paris Hilton — knows the genre better than London-based designer Faustine Steinmetz. Steinmetz is known for her innovative, eco-conscious denim designs — she recently nabbed the 2017 Swarovski Award thanks to “her sustainable and ethical design approach, and the innovative and visually stunning use of crystal in her collections.” Her pieces, as Vogue puts it, “Hit a high-low, good-taste-bad-taste sweet spot that [feels] right.” Steinmetz is not without critics (who consider her work “not commercial enough”), but true tastemakers like Nicola Formichetti know the Parisian talent is one to watch.

Steinmetz and Formichetti both like to push the boundaries of fashion. To wit: the Diesel artistic director recently introduced the Diesel Denim Lab, a space where he can promote young, buzzy, boundary-pushing designers. Naturally, he tapped Steinmetz for a collab. The resulting capsule collection, dubbed “(In)visible Love,” is filled with surrealist, mesh-denim mashups. Each skirt, shirt, pant and jacket features a transparent devoré motif that makes it appear as though part of the garment was burned away. The remaining fabric seems magically suspended in midair. The effect is pretty freaking cool, if you ask us.

The full range is now available to shop on Prices range from $228 for a pair of cutoffs to $998 for a full-length coat. Click through the slideshow below to nab a limited-edition design (or just ogle her artistry).

[ via The Cut ]