Iconic Swimsuits From the Year You Were Born

With summer fast approaching (after all, Memorial Day Weekend is just over a week away), you’re probably already planning what you’ll be sporting to the beach or pool. Will you embrace the reemergence of the one-piece, opt for your trusty string bikini or take in the rays in a more conservative tankini? While you’re weighing this very important decision, have you ever wondered what our foresisters wore when they wanted to take a dip?

We freely admit that the thought has crossed our minds quite frequently, so we decided to track down the swimsuit styles that were popular back in the day. Think the bikini only turned heads in the 60s? Nope. Do you believe cut-outs, see-through pieces and belt bags are fresh trends? Wrong again. Want to know more? Just dive into our roundup of the top swimsuits that made waves the year you were born.

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