28 Shorts for Summer (That Aren’t Cutoffs)

Based on the nonconformist spring temps, we’re guessing you still haven’t taken your trusty pair of cutoffs out of the back of your closet. But before you start planning summer outfits featuring the shredded wonders, we ask you to consider switching your short shorts for one of these fresher silhouettes.

We’re talking Bermudas, basketball-length shorts, and styles boasting bands of elephants or fashionable fruit. Take some inspiration from some of the Coachella attendees and opt for shortalls — it’ll be up to you whether you rock them with one strap down. You can even do as French couples do and buy two sets of the same shorts for you and your man. And just think how much more comfortable you’ll be in shorts that don’t require constant tugging, pulling and readjusting on the sly. Check out 28 alternatives to your soon-to-be former favorite pair of shorts in the slideshow above.