Sweatproof Workout Clothes to Help You Survive the Summer Heat

Exercising in the summer heat calls for different clothing than working out in an air-conditioned studio, but hot weather workout clothes can lead to some serious sartorial problems. Black clothing tends to mask sweat stains best, but dark colors absorb all of the sun’s rays and convert them into heat, so you feel even hotter. White or light-colored workout clothes reflect the rays, so they aren’t converted into heat and your temperature isn’t affected.

Bottom line: Though your instinct may be to wear black when you plan to work up a sweat outdoors, that isn’t the way to go. The key is to look for sweat-absorbing fabrics, ventilation (including with your shoes — and no, that doesn’t always mean abandoning cushioning) and prints that mask sweat stains. It’s also important to choose appropriate socks and underwear.

To make your summer activewear shopping easier, we’ve rounded up sweatproof workout clothes that can withstand even the most sweltering outdoor run or boot camp. And don’t forget to stay hydrated!

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