31 Fashion Tees to Buy Instead of Those $1,000 Gucci Ringers

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The $1,000 Dior or Gucci T-shirt has its customer (and we know them very well: Pandora Sykes, Kendall Jenner, basically every street style star on this Earth), but most of us wouldn’t think of dropping that kind of money on a lone piece of cotton. Still, our T-shirt collections could always use some updating — especially with the new crop of one-shoulder, statement sleeve and vintage-inspired graphic tees on the market.

So, we scrolled through our favorite e-commerce sites in search of cool, affordable T-shirts. And we’ve gotta say, we’re pretty happy with the results. From a hip slogan tee by Africa-based up-and-comer Super Yaya to a clean, tulip-sleeve creation by COS, we found the best T-shirts to buy for about a tenth of the cost of the aforementioned designer tees. No need to compromise on fit or fabric, either.

Tee off in the gallery below. (Psst…When you’re done shopping, here are some fresh T-shirt styling tips.)

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