30 Cute Sundresses Under $100 (Because Heat Wave)

The sweltering days of summer are upon us. Pants are simply not an option. Still, as functioning members of society, we’re expected to wear clothes. (Life’s tough.) The only reasonable solution is to stock our closets with cute sundresses that come in lightweight fabrics, consist of just the right amount of material (i.e., very little, but not so little that we’re living in constant fear of a wardrobe malfunction) and don’t cling.

Of course, the thing about sundresses is that they can only be worn about 8 to 10 weeks out of the year. Being reasonable human beings and all, we’re not about to fork over hundreds of dollars on clothing that’s got the same shelf life as, say, a carton of almond milk. We like our sundresses like we like our summer days — breezy, relaxed and below 100.

Without further ado, join us in sundress shopping on the cheap. Click through the gallery above for 30 cute sundresses of all persuasions — maxi, plus-size, floral, modest, casual — all for less than $100. When you’re done with that, check out some cheap sandal pairing options.

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