Smart Summer Dresses You Can Legit Wear to Work

There are those who say that dressing within the confines of a strict dress code streamlines your morning routine and encourages creativity. Nine months out of the year, we’d agree with that statement. Then summer hits and all that sartorial optimism flies right out the window. (We can feel it swoosh by as we install our A/Cs.) This time of year, barely-there summer dresses are all we wear — that is, if we deign to put on actual clothing.

Unfortunately, this off-duty dress code doesn’t quite meet business casual standards. Thus, when it comes to dressing for the job that affords us our daily bread, we must compromise. Thankfully, there are many summer dresses that double as work dresses. Frocks that project professionalism and keep us from schvitzing to death during our commute.

We’ve rounded up 15 cute summer work dresses in the slideshow above. All are chic, office-appropriate and, above all, comfortable. Throw ‘em on, accessorize sparingly, save your energy for thermoregulation (and, you know, impressing your boss).

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