Going Somewhere? How to Do Airport Outfits the Celeb Way

We’ve entered peak summer travel season. Were it November, the phrase “peak travel season” would have us cringing inwardly as visions of security lines packed with human cattle flashed through our heads. But it’s July. Weather delays are few and far between. We’re headed to exotic locales, not semi-awkward family functions. We’re hyped — and when we take to the skies, we’re dressing how we feel.

While we get the appeal of athleisure, we’re ready to up our travel clothes game. Leggings are nice and all, but wouldn’t it be nice to arrive at our various destinations looking, to quote the inimitable Carrie Bradshaw, “stunning and impossibly fresh looking”?

In honor of the many glorious weeks of summer travel ahead, we rounded up 12 very imitable travel outfits, care of 12 jet-setting style stars. Practical yet chic, lo-fi yet high-fashion, these ideas will elevate your once transient travel clothes into first-class, post-terminal territory.

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